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Aquest, Inc continues its leadership with an addition to its line of automated focusing tools for the astroimager or visual observer!
The newest and most exciting of these products, PCFocus-LX ™, provides the only way to auto-focus or otherwise precisely control the Meade Microfocuser® from a personal computer (local or remote).  The Meade Microfocuser is available separately or comes standard on all Meade LX-200GPS® telescopes.
PCFocus-LX brings heretofore-impossible auto-focusing, temperature compensation, and other PC or remote control to the Meade LX-200GPS line of telescopes or telescopes equipped with the separately available Meade Microfocuser (standard on LX-200GPS telescopes). A simple add-on equips the Microfocuser with encoder capability allowing it to be controlled by the PCFocus unit and any auto-focusing and/or temperature compensation software. Installation is very simple and is performed by the user in less than 5 minutes. Installation entails simply removing the existing Microfocuser plastic covers and installing the PCFocus-LX in their place.  No wiring is required.  A cable is included which allows the PCFocus-LX to be connected to the LX-200 or LX-200GPS panel focuser output so the AutoStar or LX-200 handset can manually move the focuser if desired.  Switching between manual or automated movement is automatically controlled by the PCFocus-LX circuitry.

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The PCFocus-LX installed on a LX-200GPS with MicroFocuser

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