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      Have you ever wished you could:

                …..   Automatically and quickly find that precise focus point?

                       ….. Control your focuser from a personal computer?

                            …..  Have all of your focusing needs met in a single tool?


Introducing PCFocus™ and FocusAide™

Your free trail copy of FocusAide (or download) is a full function version usable for 15 days at no charge. 

If you wish to register FocusAide for unlimited use or require further information, please contact:

pcf_fa.jpg (101335 bytes) PCFocus is a control unit and software to allow personal computer control of a JMI™ and Meade Microfocuser™ focusers with encoders. It's great for remote control applications or use with FocusAide auto-focusing software. As ASCOM interface is available to allow PCFocus use in scripts and with other popular CCD control software


FocusAide is a complete focusing application for use with JMI, Optec™, RoboFocus™, Van Slyke™, and Meade Microfocuser™ focusers. It comes with software plug-ins for most popular CCD cameras. By integrating your personal computer, focuser, and CCD camera, FocusAide brings you powerful focusing tools to scan or automatically focus your system. Simply take an image, pick a star, and click the Auto Focus button. The rest is automatic and the result is fast and highly precise focus. It only takes 1-2 minutes for the whole sequence as shown in this screen shot (click for larger view):


autofocus.JPG (98334 bytes)

Now with:

Temperature Compensation for JMI and Meade Microfocuser Focusers!

The PCFocus control unit now has temperature measurement control for JMI and Meade Microfocuser focusers and the FocusAide software fully supports training and determination of temperature coefficients as well as automatically correcting focus as temperature changes throughout your imaging or observing session. 

Optec and RoboFocus have built in temperature compensation.  With the new PCFocus add-in board and upgraded FocusAide software, other focusers can be driven to adjust the focus at any time including when the temperature changes. With the exception of obtaining temperature from the PCFocus unit, all compensation is done in software running in your computer. This means any focuser that FocusAide can drive can move to a new position that the software has determined is required to keep your system in focus.  Currently, users can auto-focus at any time during a session to "touch up" the focus.  With the new capability previous auto-focus information is stored and used to determine a new focus position if temperature changes.  The result isn't a temperature compensated focuser but, overall, your system will stay in focus through an imaging or visual observing session all controlled in software by FocusAide. 

Current PCFocus users can have their units upgraded to allow the new version of FocusAide to make temperature adjustments.

Here is a screen shot from FocusAide of the temperature compensation control tab:

tempcomp.jpg (82189 bytes)


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